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Manage your businesses with utmost efficiency with the aid of Toptel's integrated IP PBX Solution. Our software allows you to co-ordinate with branch offices and franchisees around the world with a united platform. With Toptel, you can provide your professional clients with cutting edge technology to make your business grow at an exponential pace.

Our system offers you the following VoIP features:

DID management: Get DID numbers and carry out your business transactions and internal communications all over the world, sitting in one place.
Customized call reporting: Get detailed reports of all phone calls of your employees and clients, with date, time and call durations.
Cost-effective calling: Call all over the world at cost-effective rates with our virtual PBX solution and save big on telephone bills. We also offer an array of additional features like call transferring and forwarding.
Voice mail, transferable on your e-mail ID
Conference features: Manage conferences, set conference timings and number of participants, send customized e-mail invites and check records of previous and future conferences. In short, your one-stop solution for organizing efficient tele-conferences.
Wireless connectivity: Do away with tangled wires and complicated controls. Toptel brings you a much simpler and wireless means to communicate, both internally and externally.

Business can be defined as infectious impatience. This hallmark is believed to inculcate double profits in quick time. When multiple options are available in this high-tech century, there is no logic of sticking to any conventional methods. Moreover, your support system is also just a click away. To manage your business in an efficient manner we at Toptel strive hard to offer the required support. Our efficient and high-end software would permit you to co-ordinate with your branch offices all around the globe with a unified platform.

The VoIP PBX solutions would permit you to save substantial amount on long distance and international calls. Moreover, the interesting thing to note is that the IP PBX VoIP devices provide offer comfortable integration with the existing telecommunication system. The up gradation cost is also very reasonable as it is done through particular software. As a matter of fact, this high-end technology would simplify your communication infrastructure at ease. The VoIP PBX system would permit you to co-ordinate with your branch offices all around the globe with the support of a unified platform.

Various calling benefits would further help you to cut down your calling costs. It is even more interesting to note that a single VoIP IP PBX server has the potential to serve more than 1,500 users. As such, it seems to be an attractive option which can support any business enterprise to gain more and that too without any concern. So, get going and make a smart choice to earn more and more.

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